Routt County


The Routt County Treasurer is responsible for mailing property tax notices; collecting and disbursing taxes to the taxing authorities; receiving and depositing all monies for Routt County; disbursing monies upon order of the Board of Commissioners; and investing all excess funds.

The Public Trustee's Office provides services relating to real estate foreclosures and releases of deeds of trust. I will be committed to continually enhancing services and providing prompt and accurate information while adhering to the guidelines established by state law.


I will integrate small business principals into the functionality of our local government.  I will work with the County Commissioners, investment advisors, attorneys, banking institutions and title companies to make sure that the Routt County Treasurers office has accountability, professionalism and greatest level of service. An administrative office like the Treasurer's office can only function well if it is managed properly, with efficiency, transparency, accuracy and in collaboration with all departments within the county. Fair and equitable collection of taxes and timely revenue distributions are essential to a healthy economy. I have the experience working outside and inside government, and I know how important it is to do the job right and on time, every time.



Goals as Treasurer

honoring our past...

                  investing for our future